About Us

Hello, Thank you for finding me, it means a lot :) 

Welcome to my page - Naturals to You.

My name is Carol and I've been a Pharmacy Assistant for over 40+ years, so i've handled and sold pretty much every product there is in Australia. From chemical to chemical free, and overseas products to Australian made.

My decision to step away from the Pharmacy shop front to the Market front, was a very easy choice, as i feel that the big businesses only want to push the overseas market that may not have our health in mind when making/selling.  I want to showcase locally produced products in Australia.
I started my transition at Manly Creative Markets(Brisbane) with my son's girlfriend - Natalie at Lost Kiwi Designs, and couple of months later i handed in my resignation letter to my boss. The community down at the markets was something i was looking for, for a fresh new start at a very mature age ;). 

My love of the natural environmentally friendly lifestyle and products led me to purchase Good Riddance Rescue Balm for my husband at a local market. We were amazed at how well it worked, I went back the next week and bought the Good Riddance Tropical Insect Repellent lotion and it lived up to its reviews.

With my background as a pharmacy assistant, I knew this product was amazing and we have tried most repellents on the market as my husband, Steve, attracts every insect around. I rang the company and asked could I sell their product.
Jeannie was more than happy to get me on board and we haven't looked back.

I started selling Good Riddance Products in June 2019 at Manly Creative Markets on Sundays. The decision to start this website is with recent events that have lockdown markets & cities has taken a hit on my income and my involvement in the community. Hopefully i can use this to still help out my local customers and reach out to other communities. 

I've been trialling a lot of different natural products lately, so hopefully they'll be up on the site soon for you to enjoy.

My aim is to bring the best available natural products to you.